Our standard class type, with a varied 45-minute workout that's guaranteed to get you sweating. You'll ride through sprints and hill climbs, ensuring the biggest muscle groups in your legs are getting worked as well as giving you a high intensity cardio workout.


BEATS is a full-body workout, designed to reboot and strengthen your body and mind through the music. Classes incorporate choreographed rhythmic movements, riding to the beat so you can get into the music and the movement. Beats includes 2 arm workouts designed for full body toning.


A 30-minute express class, challenging your strength out of the saddle. The aim of the game is to hardly sit down the whole class, giving you a huge cardio workout, and a killer for the core!


6.00am SWEAT 30

9.30am POWER 45

5.15pm POWER 45

6.15pm POWER 45


6.00am POWER 45

7.00am SWEAT 30

8.00am BEATS 45

5.15pm BEATS 45

6.15pm POWER 45


6.00am BEATS 45

9.30am SWEAT 30

5.15pm POWER 45

6.15pm BEATS 45


6.00am POWER 45

7.00am SWEAT 30

8.00 am POWER 45

5.15pm SWEAT 30

6.15pm BEATS 45


6.00am SWEAT 30

9.30am BEATS 45


7.00am SWEAT 30

8.00am POWER 45

9.00am BEATS 45


9.00am POWER 45

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You'll start the class by warming up, getting the feel of the bike, and getting the rhythm so you can pedal to the beat.


It's pedal to the metal with low resistance sprint interval training. Throughout the track the instructor will count you down to a sprint, and you can race your fellow riders with the sprint results live on the scoreboard.


The resistance level comes down but your heart rate will certainly come up in the Strength tracks. You'll climb at intervals so that you can really feel that burn in your legs.


For the Bar track you'll pick up a weighted bar for an arm and upper body workout, while you ride at a resting pace. You'll work shoulders, upper back muscles and your whole arms to create a balanced workout.


Cardiovascular Activity
Studio360 provides a high intensity but low impact cardio workout, that just about anyone can do. You choose your pace, but we'll make sure you work! Cardiovascular activity can help lower your risk of coronary artery disease, lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, lower your overall resting heart rate.
Whole Body Workout
During each class you'll engage your whole body to get maximum results. Cores are engaged throughout the class while you work the biggest muscles in your body - your legs - as well as incorporate an arm and upper body workout to create a balanced feeling.
Celebrate Your Results
Each bike is equipped with a TECHPAC. The TECHPAC will show you information about your RPM, Gear, and Total Distance throughout the class. Instructors will guide you through the class using RPM and Gear. You can track your results from each class on the Studio360 app to compare your performance and celebrate your imrpovements.

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